Sunday, December 10, 2017

Room 5 thinks school is cool!

In room 5, we have been very lucky to have special people come into school to help us to be the best we can! We have had so much fun with our learning in Term 4 and we want to share some of this with you.

Coach Pat
Coach Pat comes and teaches us once a week. It’s so much fun and I always learn so much. I learnt about catching, throwing, shot put and even sprinting. When I first did sprinting I felt nervous but Coach Pat taught me how to start and then I could run as fast as a flash!

My heart was beating in my chest… baboom! Baboom! I could feel it beating like a drum. I peered to the people on my right and on my left. I felt determined to run as fast as a cheetah. I heard Coach Pat say “on your marks… get set, go!” I darted down the field and I came 3rd. I felt elated.

Story Time with Otara Library
What a hilarious afternoon. We had people from the Otara library come into school and read us a story. I could not stop laughing. It was hilarious and I even got to go up on stage.  The hook was behemoth and we were in a waka. The story had lots of kaimoana in it and it made me feel hungry. I thought they were so funny. Room 5 and I laughed and laughed.

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