Sunday, September 10, 2017

Making Music in Room 7

In Room 7, we have been practising to play the glockenspiels! We learnt how to play ‘Mary had a Little Lamb’. It took a long time to get it right, but we tried our best and even performed in assembly to our friends! We were so brave!

“When Room 7 were on the glockenspiels we played Mary had a little lamb and I was so terrified. But I kept trying my best.” - George-Kruz

“I was excited and shy because everybody was looking at me” - Kepueli

“We were fabulous. I made an enormous mistake but I kept on doing it.” - Amaia

“As I was sitting there, I saw 10,000 eyes staring at me.” - JJ

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Junior Hapu Celebrate Money Week!

Celebrating Money Week in the Junior Whanau

During Week 5 we celebrated Money Week. This is a really fun week because all of the Junior Whanau children learnt more about money. We learnt how to spend, save and share our money wisely. Have a look at all the fun learning activities that we have been doing.

The Room 1 students played money games where we learned to add and subtract.  
+   -   =
We had word problems that we had to solve and we played shop where we learnt about getting change. We also worked in mixed ability groups to brainstorm everything we know about money. week.jpg

money rm 1.2017.jpg

In Room 2, we have been looking at the different ways in which we can make money. We've also been using our place value knowledge to add amounts of money together.

In Room 3 the children enjoyed learning about adding money.

I learnt how to add money and match it to the amount e.g $5 + $5 = $10”

I used my knowledge of skip counting in 10's to help me add money.”

Room 5 has been celebrating money week.

We have used money to help us understand how to count and give change.

We have learned a lot this week and even did our own countdown shop where we learned about budgeting. We are money smart.

In Room 6 we learnt how to give change using NZ money.

We set up our own in class shop and sold different items like vegetables and fruit.

"I really liked buying food to feed my family at the shop"

"I learnt that there are so many combinations that can be used to make money, today we made $17.00 and everyone made their money differently. I used a $10 dollar note, $5 dollar note and a $2 dollar coin but my friend used three $5 dollar notes and one $2 coin"

In Room 7 we have been celebrating money week by comparing prices between different brands, spending money at ‘Mrs Dunlop's Diner’ and learning about making good choices with money!

"I would buy the milk for $3.44 instead of $4.49 because I don't want to have no money left." - Erasmus.

"I am going to buy the shoes from K-mart because it doesn't take all your money. Also I am not going to buy the Nike shoes because it takes all your money." - Jocabeth.


Room 8 have been learning to recognise money. We have been doing this by playing money Bingo.

We have been discussing that money has a value and looking at how much each coin is worth.
We can order coins from the smallest in value to the largest.

In Room 9, we celebrated money week by looking at how we spend our money and what we spend our money on. We can now organise our  money in the correct order from 10c to $5. During our discovery time, we made our very own piggy banks to help us save our money.