Saturday, April 18, 2020

We are on a BIRD HUNT

ROOM 1 Bird Hunting
During Term 1, Room 1 learnt about some of New Zealand’s native birds. We read traditional Maori stories that have birds in them like ‘Rata and the Waka’, as well as fun stories like ‘Pūkeko the Performer’ written by Marie Langley. We also watched videos about native birds too! We saw how quickly pīwakawaka birds can zoom through the trees, and we saw cheeky kea birds chewing the rubber off of car doors.

One morning, William and Lani rushed to share exciting news with our class - They had spotted a tūī bird near our passionfruit vine! We grabbed our binoculars and we paced over to see if the tūī bird was still there.

We searched high and low for a bird with dark blue and black feathers, and a white tuft, but all we found was an empty nest. We hope one day the tūī bird will visit our school again and we’ll all be able to see it!