Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Are You New To Yendarra School?

Did you know that there are teachers driving the ‘Waewae Express’ (Walking School Bus) on a street near you?

If you live on or near Everitt Road, Whitley Cresent, Cooper Cresent, or Bairds Road keep an eye out for teachers in yellow jackets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 8.15 and 8.30. Join the fun and walk to school!

If you live on or near Nola Cresent, Cobham Cresent or Crown Cresent keep an eye out for teachers in yellow jackets on Tuesday and Thursday mornings between 8.15 and 8.30. Join the fun, get healthy and and walk to school!


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Our Visit to Pinehurst School

Some of our senior and middle school children were lucky enough to be invited back to Pinehurst School to watch their junior classes version of The Jungle Book. We got to enjoy the play, were buddied up, ate lunch and played with them. We had the best day!
“When we arrived at Pinehurst we were buddied up with other children. My buddy showed me where to play. She even drew me a special picture to take home so I wouldn’t forget her! 
- Saphire (Room 21)
IMG_0227.JPG IMG_0237.JPG

We joined them for morning tea. Our buddies showed us their new playground.
We loved playing on their new senior playground.


After morning tea we made our way to their hall to watch the play. We loved the costumes, singing and the confidence of the actors. We were shocked when we found out all of the actors were younger than us. Some children had only been at school for 5 weeks!


After lunch we went to their field to play an awesome game called castles! We played in mixed teams of Yendarra and Pinehurst children.


IMG_0455.JPG IMG_0459.JPG
Lots of us got tagged and had to wait to be released by our team mates!

We loved our day and can’t wait to have Pinehurst come to visit us!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Money Week in Room 2

Week 7 was very busy. We had Daffodil Day, had a mufti day to support and show aroha to the Ami family and celebrated Money Week.

Here we are recognizing the different coins we use.  
We learnt that 10, 10cents makes $1.
2, 10cent pieces are the same as 1, 20 cent piece.

We are loving exploring money and using our knowledge of skip counting to help us. 
Whanau, you can help us at home too if you have any coins, have the children add the money together.

We have a question for you whanau.

"If you had $100, what would you do with it?"

In Room 2, some children said they would save it, buy some healthy food or share it.

Do You Come To School Every Day?

We believe coming to school each day is important for many reasons.
Last term we celebrated those children who have not had any days away with a sports extravaganza hosted by Counties Manukau Sport. It was amazing to see so many children who come to school every day, including 5 year olds who have only just started this year!
Room 19 have come up with some reasons why coming to school each day is so important.

What do you think of our reasons?
  • to learn
  • to get a good education
  • because school is COOL!
  • So you don't miss out on privileges like music academy, sport and digital learning
  • to make Mum and Dad proud
  • to win the best attendance trophy
  • because my friends and teachers are trying to come to school every day too
  • so that when I get a job I will 'Be the BEST I can' and turn up to work each day

Coming to school is fun and we don't want to miss out on;
  • sport's training
  • learning on the chrome books and ipads
  • music academy when we learn the ukulele and guitar
  • learning Tongan, Samoan, Kapa haka and Cook Island dance to prepare for fiafia 
  • catching up with my friends
Coming to school is so much fun when you are all here with us. This term we will celebrate those children who have not had any days away… will that be you?
Whanau, what can you do to help your children come to school every day?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Money Week at Yendarra!

Did you know that it is Money Week from the 31st August to the 4th of September? Check it out here! 

At Yendarra School we are celebrating in lots of ways!
In every classroom we are learning about New Zealand currency, how people earn money and how people spend money. We are also learning that you can save money in different ways!
There are special games at morning tea time in the library and some of our parents have been coming to school to extend their knowledge of money with our special Whanau classes.
Happy Money Week Everyone!