Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Grow Me Well!

Grow Me Well

What is healthy kai?
In Room 8 we are learning to answer questions.

Room 8 have healthy kai everyday.

We know that making healthier choices
is better for our brains and our bodies.

What’s in your lunch box?
LJ said, "I have real fruit in my lunch box".

What do you like eating?

Budgie said," I like eating apples, it's good for my teeth".

Toavalu said, " Bananas are healthy".

Taunuuga said, " I have sandwiches in my lunchbox".

Hayzell said, " I have an egg sandwich".
Samuel said, " Celery is healthy for me".

How can we stay healthy?
Here’s Room 8’s brainstorm.

* eating fruit
*eating vegetables
* excercising
* getting enough rest and sleep
* washing and drying hands properly
 visiting the dentist-looking after our teeth
*drinking water only

Colin said, "Water is the best.
Eat healthy so we won't get diabetes".

We are an only water drinking school!
We would like to say meitaki maata, malo aupito, fa'afetai lava and thank you to our whanau for making our healthy lunches to bring to school everyday.

Water is best for our brains and bodies
Oh yea, yea, yea, yea
NO FIZZ!!!!!!!

Music Making on Pink Shirt Day

Music Making on Pink Shirt Day

May 19th was Pink and Red shirt day to raise awareness for bullying.
On Pink and Red shirt day our class were making some wonderful instruments.
We used colourful straws to create our own
Pan flutes!

We then used our flutes to join in with some of our favourite songs.

“My flute makes awesome sounds!” – Diamond

“I like the colours of my flute and the noise”- Honi

We love the sound of 
our awesome flutes!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Room 23 Authors!

Haere Mai Nau mai
Welcome to Room 23
We have been learning to be authors and
we did  a lot of writing in term 1.
Easter Writing.

Here are some of our different stories.
We brainstormed our ideas as a class, we watched videos, looked at photos and learnt songs and 
our teacher helped us with our writing.

Easter Story Writing

Hayzell - Easter is about love, new life and forgiveness.

Sarai & So'o- Christians celebrate Easter by remembering what Jesus did on the cross.

Easter Art

We ended our learning and writing on Easter with our own version of a stainless glass window with the Cross that represents Jesus dying on the cross for us.

All About Me Writing - I AM IMPORTANT!

Samuel -Hello! Kiaora! Malo e lelei! 
My name is Samuel Kau.
I am a boy and I am part European, Maori and Tongan. I am special. I am important. I am unique. There is only one me.
When I grow up I want to be a policeman.
Pauline- Malo e lelei! Talofa lava!
My name is Pauline Laiseni. I am half Tongan and Samoan. I am important and unique.
When I grow up I want to be a doctor.

 Yendarra Seniors go to Polyfest 2016!

Cultural Performance Writing.
Our Brainstorm:
colourful costumes, smiling  performers,  moko on chin, designs on faces,  guitar playing, ukulele playing, drum beating,  flowers in hair,  white feathers in hair,  sticks moving,  beautiful girls,  pretty girls,  boys doing haka,   piupius moving, titis on Cook island girls,  fast & slow music,  singing songs. 
Kia ora Talofa lava Malo e lelei Fakalofa lahi atu

Kia orana




Tahi tasi taha ta’i

Here's Teremoana & Budgie's writing

Teremoana & Budgie.jpg

Budgie Karaka- The costumes were colourful. The dances were amazing!
The seniour students looked beautiful! The musicians played a guitar, ukulele and a big drum.

Teremoana-The Kapahaka group had designs on their faces.
The Tongan group wore white feathers in their hair.
The girls in the Samoan and Cook Island groups wore beautiful white flowers in their hair.
The performers were smiling. They were all amazing!

More photos we looked at to inspire our writing.

We hope you enjoyed reading our stories.

Have a great week!
We better get back to work!
Blessings from Mrs Tu’ikolovatu & Room 23.