Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Room 4 Adventurer's


Room 4 have been learning all about using our experiences and adventures to create some awesome writing.

Read our amazing stories below about our kite flying experiences.

“When I flew the kite, I was having fun and when I was flying the kite I heard a whooshing noise. I liked when I was flying the kite and I heard the bird chirping for us.”
-        Neriah 

“When I flew the kite, I heard a zoom and bag when the kite fell down. The wind was whooshing through me.”
-        JJ

“When I flew the kite, I heard a boom and woooooo from the wind. I felt butterflies in my tummy and I felt happy”
-        Izrayl


Thursday, November 10, 2016

We love road safety in Room 3

Road Safety in Room 3!

Keeping safe out on the road is so very important and Room 3 have loved learning with Constable Matt Green about how to stay safe!

“First we stop and you look for cars. Make sure you listen. Look left and right and then walk. Don’t run!”

“First you need to stop then look and listen for cars. You need to look left and right four times.”

“First you have to stop. Second you need to look and listen for cars. Then you cross at the zebra crossing.”

“Make sure you always look left and right. Look and listen for traffic on the roads.”

Make sure you are crossing our roads safely, Whanau!

Always use the zebra crossing!

Road Safety in Room 1

Come and read some amazing writing from Room 1 learners about Constable Green's road safety visit!

Ka Rawe!

When Constable Green walked into Room 1 on Tuesday morning my jaw dropped!He was here because he was teaching us to be safe on the road.Constable Green showed us his huge map of a town.The map had some building's and some roads.Constable Green said “look left and right to cross the road.” Can’t wait to see him next time!- Manaia

In the morning Constable Green came in class. He told us about how to cross the road, because we want to be safe when crossing the road. Constable Green showed us a map and talked about where the safest place to cross road is, a pedestrian crossing. Next week we are going outside of school to practice.
- Zaidore.