Thursday, December 7, 2017

Room 2

Mālō e lelei from Room 2!

In Term 4, we have been learning all about performing arts. Every Monday, our amazing teachers have been teaching us how to dance, sing, act and make music with our bodies.

“In drama class, we learn how to be in role. Being in role means that we have to pretend to be our characters. Sometimes it’s hard because we forget to stay in role, but it’s alright because acting is fun.”
By Samuelu

“In music class, we learn all about making music. We don’t need to use instruments to make music. We can use our bodies. We can clap, we can stomp, we can click, and it will sound good.”
By Longovuka

“In dance class, we’re learning to do Bollywood dancing. I have never done Bollywood dancing before but I think that it is amazing!”
By Brooklyn

On Wednesday, we performed in front of the other junior school classes. We were so nervous! It was awesome seeing everyone’s incredible performances. We all worked so hard! A few children in our class were even awarded for  showing great manawanui in performing arts. We were so proud of our talented friends.

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