Wednesday, December 16, 2015

What a year it has been!

Thank you whanau for all the support you have given to us during this year. Every year our sense of whanau grows stronger and we appreciate your continued piripono (loyalty) to our school.

Unless our children are moving onto intermediate next year, we hope to see all of our children back at Yendarra in 2016. We have already started planning two big school trips, the first to the Auckland Zoo and the second is to the Rocky Shore as well as many exciting visitors, shows and trips throughout the year.

To show our appreciation of your piripono (loyalty) all children who are back at Yendarra School by 19 February as well as any new children, will receive their stationary and a sun hat FREE. That is a saving of $35 per child!

We hope you have a peaceful, love-filled and happy Christmas with your loved ones.

Looking forward to seeing you all back in 2016.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Blessings

Room 4 wanted to make our families a special Christmas card to say 'thanks for all the wonderful things' they have done for us throughout the year.

We rolled our block with printing ink and it was really cool as the ink made a squishy sound.

Mahine loved the ooey, gooey, sticky feel of the printing ink.

Danneli pressed down a clean piece of paper over her inked block and heavily rolled it. When she could see the outline of her Christmas tree she gently peeled the paper back.

Wow! Evan loved the look of his print. The tree was a shiny green colour and it had a clear white outline.

We made glitter stars to place on the top of our trees.
Lastly we wrote our own special message to our families on the inside of our card.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas, many blessings to you and your family.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Room 5's Creepy Crawly Visitor!

We have had a creepy crawly visitor in Room 5 this week....

A daddy long legs spider!

We loved watching him move and did some writing about his time in our class room. 

"I saw the spider creeping on to the big smart board. The spider went down the table with his 8 legs."
- Sylvia

"The spider was awesome. He walked on the smart board."

"I saw the little spider climbing. He is Room 5's friend."
- Teaharnie
"I saw the spider climb over the table. I would like to be his friend and play hide and seek. It will be fun."

"We saw the spider under the table. He made a web and was climbing it."

"The grey spider is cool, I liked when he climbed on the sticker charts."

We loved our spider visitor!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Room 3 scientists at work.

We are learning all about science and have enjoyed observing chemical reactions. For our WOW factor we watched what happened when we mixed a carbonate and acid together.
We have written some stories to tell you what we could see, hear, feel and smell.

Samiuela pouring in vinegar.

Room Three did a science experiment.
We used red food colouring, baking soda, vinegar and dish wash liquid.
We made it explode out of the bottle.
By Zaidore

Room 3 made a volcano.
The volcano exploded.
Nikau said, “It is like a fizzy drink”.
The lava was red.
Mrs Rihari put a lot of vinegar in the container and the lava came up really fast.
I think science is fun!
By Ezekiel

Room 3 made a bubbling volcano.
We used vinegar, red food colouring, a bottle of dish washing liquid, a large dish and a spoon.
It went foamy, fizzy and bubbly.
We felt it. It felt smooth and soft.
It was nice and cool too.
By Gafatasi

Watch our volcano explode:

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

BEST Attendance!


Room 20 and 23
For achieving 92% with their attendance

Remember whanau, our target is 90% attendance

Who will be our top classes next week???

Monday, November 16, 2015

Room 1- Shake Out 2015.

Check out the photo I created
Here is Room 1 during the Shake Out.  

What should I do in an earthquake????????

New Entrant's writing in Class
“We learnt to drop, cover and hold during an earthquake”.
“Before the Shake-Out event, we looked at videos and talked about earthquakes and what we should do if there was an earthquake”.
“We now know that an earthquake could happen at any time and we now know what to do”.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Room 4's Wicked World Cup Writing


The All Blacks have won the
2015 World Rugby Championship.
Everyone in Room 4 is super-duper happy and very proud of our winning team …
The All Blacks!

2015 Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is for the best rugby players in the world. The All Blacks were versing Australia in the finals. The All Blacks bumped off the Australians. They tricked the Australians by doing dummy passes and having a runaway try. Dan Carter drop kicked a winning goal. The drop kick was awesome because he kicked it high. The All Blacks defended the try line and stopped the Australians from getting many tries so that’s why they won the World Cup.


2015 Rugby World Cup
I watched the Rugby World Cup and the All Blacks won the final. The All Blacks can throw a rugby ball. The All Blacks can side-step.
 2015 Rugby World Cup
The All Blacks scored three tries in the final.
 The All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup which is a gold trophy.
When you play rugby if you get a yellow card that means you go to the ‘sin bin’ for ten minutes.
I like the All Blacks because they versed Australia.
The All Blacks versed Australia and it was a cool game and then the All Blacks won.
I like the All Blacks because they just won the
Rugby World Cup.
 - Manaia

2015 Rugby World Cup
The All Blacks were versing the Australians in the rugby finals. They won the golden trophy and it is shiny.

Dan Carter kicked the ball high to the shiny, big iron pole. It was a so, so, so cool kick. I like Dan Carter’s coolest and highest kick in the whole wide world.

The All Blacks can defend themselves and they can make a hard tackle. The All Blacks can score a fast try. The All Blacks defeated the Australians and stopped them from getting another try.

2015 Rugby World Cup

I’m proud of the All Blacks because they won the Rugby World Cup. The All Blacks can kick a ball. I like the All Blacks kicking the ball. My Dad can kick a goal at rugby and at soccer.

2015 Rugby World Cup
The All Blacks can kick the ball all the way to the high sky. The All Blacks can do the haka and it is cool when they did the haka after they won the golden trophy. Dan Carter kicked goals and scored points but he did not win alone. The All Blacks all won so they all got a trophy and a medal.

2015 Rugby World Cup
The All Blacks can side-step and kick the ball.  The All Blacks run on the field and kick the ball. 

2015 Rugby World Cup
I liked the All Blacks beating Australia at the Rugby World Cup. The All Blacks defeated the Wallabies. I liked watching the All Blacks winning the game.

2015 Rugby World Cup
I liked it when the All Blacks won the trophy. I like the golden trophy. I liked it when Richie McCaw’s team won the team trophy.

2015 Rugby World Cup
The All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup. The All Blacks are the best because they have won the Rugby World Cup. The All Blacks have been playing hard.
My favourite players are Julian Savea and Dan Carter. I liked it when Dan Carter did a drop kick. The All Blacks can do intercepts and score tries. The All Blacks stepped-off the Australians.
The All Blacks defeated Australia and won the medals and trophy. I liked it when the All Blacks won the final.

2015 Rugby World Cup
The All Blacks can defeat everybody else when they play rugby. I wish that I were in the All Blacks so that I can win the shiny, golden trophy.
I enjoyed watching the All Blacks win the gold trophy when they challenged the Australian team. Australia lost when they played us. No one can beat the New Zealand team!

2015 Rugby World Cup
I liked it when the All Blacks performed the haka.
It was cool watching an All Black side-step. It’s funny when they trick people and run all over the big, green field . It was cool because the All Blacks defended the try line from the Australians.
It was cool watching Dan Carter doing the big, awesome drop kick. I liked it when Dan Carter attacked and tackled an Australian.
I saw the All Blacks defeat the Australians so they won gold medals and a golden trophy for winning the Rugby World Cup.

2015 Rugby World Cup
All Blacks wear black shirts.
The All Blacks have a good player and his name is Richie McCaw and he is the fastest of all the All Blacks. The All Blacks even have a good drop kick player and he is not Richie McCaw but his name is Dan Carter. 
The All Blacks are the best team ever and they have won all of their games at the World Cup.
The All Blacks play for us and for God.
The All Blacks defended the try-line from the Australians. Yellow cards are for a sin-bin when there’s a penalty or a high tackle.
The All Blacks can bump off players to defend the goal line so that they can win the trophy which is cool. New Zealand had no way to lose the golden World Cup. I want to play for the All Blacks. I would try hard to score a try for the All Blacks.     

Spring is in Room 4!

Room 4 is incredibly thrilled that

‘Spring-time has arrived’.

We’ve loved seeing the happy-faced daffodils
sway and dance in the garden
so we’ve written about them. 

The daffodils are beautiful and light yellow too.

The daffodils open their faces to shine up to the sky before they droop down to the ground. I like daffodils because they are lemon coloured and they can dance. Daffodils can wave their petals.


The daffodil is dancing in the garden. 
The daffodil dances in the wind.
I like the daffodil. It is beautiful.
It is golden.

I like the daffodil because it waves 
its buttercup-yellow petals. 
I like the daffodil because it 
dances under the shady trees.

Daffodils grow above the ground 

when it is springtime. 
They become awake when it is 
a little bit sunny. The daffodils are 
happy when it is springtime 
because they get to bend and 
they can dance in the wind. 
Daffodils are pretty when 
they show their light, yellow petals. 
Their trumpets look long and have a curly collar. 
Daffodils show off their smiley faces.

Daffodils are pretty flowers. 
Daffodils can open in spring 
and they can grow big and tall. 
Daffodils have a bowl-shaped trumpet.

I like the daffodil because I 

like to see it growing from the ground. 
The yellow daffodil has buttery-yellow 
petals and it dances under the trees.

The daffodil comes out in the spring 
and opens up to bring out its smiles. 
My favourite daffodil is golden. 
It dances under cool, shady trees. 
I can see a cool trumpet on the 
inside of the daffodil. 
The trumpet has a wavy, golden collar. 
The bees fly by the daffodil to 
collect pollen to make honey.

The daffodil grows up and shows 

its beautiful face. 
It is a flower dancing under the tree. 
It grows in springtime. 
My favourite flower is a daffodil 
because it can dance 
when it opens its petals under the trees. 
Bees come and collect the 
pollen when a daffodil 
shows its beautiful face and dances.

We hope that you enjoy reading our writing.