Thursday, March 30, 2017

Room 2’s Te Ao Māori Experience

Room 2’s Te Ao Māori Experience

Room 2 had an awesome Te Ao Maori week! We learnt so many new things and we were excited to share our learning with our friends and families.

First, we visited Room 5 and learnt to use rakau. Next, we danced to Kotahitanga, a Maori Jump Jam song. Then, we learnt Te Reo Maori names for our body parts. Finally, we learnt Te Reo Maori names for our favourite fruit.

We can’t wait to learn more about Te Ao Maori!

“In Room 6, we did Jump Jam. It was fun. I was really scared but I did it.”
By Ocean

“In Room 5, I was using rakau. I was trying to throw the rakau up but then… I didn’t catch the rakau.”
By Sofaea

Te Ao Maori in Room 5

Te Ao Maori Week!

Room 5 loved our amazing week of learning and we had so much fun! We had Maori stations where we learnt different Maori skills - Rakau, Maori dance/drama, poi and some language too.

Amelia and De’Jon wanted to share their writing from our wonderful experiences…

On Friday, we had lots of fun! Room 5 played catch with the poi in a special Maori game. Room 5 did balancing with rakau which were very long and thin sticks. We danced and I was so exhausted. We went outside for Maori activities. Our learning was amazing!

By De’Jon.

On Friday we did rakau, poi, a ‘wha’ Maori counting game and hand activity. The poi was so wonderful! It was so exciting doing all of these things and so.. So…much FUN!!!!!

After that we welcomed the seniors back from their Noho Marae. I felt elated because we had fun and it was very cool welcoming the seniors back with our song ‘Haere Mai’ that we learnt. Some of the Junior children even did a pukana! I heard our voices booming around the school. We were all happy from our exciting day.

By Amelia.

Te Ao Maori Week in Room 4!


Room 4 have been learning all about Te Reo Maori myths and legends. We have been looking at ‘How Maui slowed the sun.’

We re-created the story in both art masterpieces and performed by reinterpreting the story through drama.

A long time ago, Maui and his brothers slowed down the sun. With his brothers, Maui said “you are to use flax to catch the sun.” The sun heard him and said “I will slow down.” The sun slowed down and Maui ate.
-     Shiloh

A long time ago, the sun was going too fast.

We had a great week with lots of amazing learning all about Maui and his legends. We can’t wait to continue our learning and learn more.

Room 9 Koru Art

Room 9 Koru Art

In Room 9 we have been practising using scissors to cut curved shapes. We had to learn to cut very carefully using small ‘bites’ with the scissors.

We cut out a small, a medium and a large white koru. Then we cut out a small, a medium and a large black koru.

 After that we arranged our koru onto coloured paper and glued them on. We have enjoyed learning about different Maori symbols and think our koru artwork looks tino ataahua!