Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Wild Time in Room 3

Artists in Room 3

This week we have begun our artworks for our Library display.

We love Where the Wild Things are and are creating our own wild thing portraits.

We have begun the sketching part of our artwork. Take a look!

“We have to press lightly with our pencil and draw slowly”

“My wild thing has a spikey mane.”
-    Ngatokorima

“My wild thing is big and takes up the whole paper.”
-    Moses

This is only the beginning, we are excited to add bold outlines, colour, and dye to our artworks.

Stay tuned whanau!

Poi Making in Room 4!



This term we have been looking at different symbols and their meanings in Maori.

We started off by asking ourselves:
What is a Poi?
What do they symbolize?

We learnt that the Poi was used in the olden days to help make the men’s wrist stronger and to help them with their co-ordination.

“I liked making my Poi myself and learning how to use it.”
-   Taufa

-   “I learnt all about the meaning of the Poi.”
-   Annette