Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Show Me the Money Ruma Waru!

Room 8’s Learning about $$money$$

What do we know about MONEY? $$$$$$


As a class we looked at real New Zealand money.
Looking at real money. Kha'Lisia.jpg

Identifying NZ Money.
Rm 8. Identifying $$.jpg
Here we are as a class identifying our New Zealand money.

We got to see it,
touch it, smell it and
share our ideas.

We looked at the $1 coin

Here’s what we shared about NZ coins and the $1 coin.

Brainstorm on $$.jpg

Doing coin rubbings.jpg

Azaelea, Jayla, Hayzell and Mele.

We did some coin rubbings, we liked doing this activity.
Our teacher showed us how to hold the coin under the paper and rubbed over the paper.
We all went “Whoa” when we saw a picture appear. Cool!!

Kha'Lisia knows $2.jpg
"This is $2", says Kha'Lisia

Timothy knows $10.jpg
"This is $10", says Timothy
Fernaniah knows 20cents.jpg
"This is 20 cents", says Fernaniah
Jayla knows 50cents.jpg
"This is 50 cents", says Jayla

We are learning the names of our New Zealand money and we know it is important to have money to buy our food, clothes and toys, so "Don’t waste it", said Kepueli.

Jayla said, “ All the money is in a castle with Queen Elizabeth”, and Kepueli said, “It is kept in a museum”. Micah said, “Money comes from a teller machine at the shop and my dad’s work”.

Here's our little chant we did when we went on our 'walking bus' to do our shopping at PAK n' SAVE.

We are going shopping, we are going shopping.
We're not scared, we're not scared.
It's a beautiful day! It's a beautiful day!
Oh oh! We need MONEY!

Haere ra from Ruma waru and kaiako
Mrs Tu'ikolovatu:)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Money, Money, Money!

In Room 1 we have been learning a lot about place value and we have used money to show us how it all works.

Did you know that there are 10, 10s in 100?
How would I put that question as a multiplication?
Did you guess 10 x 10 = 100? Then tino pai, you are correct!

How much money do you think is in the picture below?
You might have to skip count in 10s.
How many hundred dollar notes do you see?
How many ten dollar notes do you see?

How many one dollar coins?

Did you know that there are 10 ones in 10?
Can you count how much money is this next picture?
How many hundreds are in this photo?
How many 10 dollar notes?
How many one dollar coins?

Here is one final question for you to think about…
“Miss Ratu wants to take some children to the circus. Tickets to the circus cost $10 per child. Miss Ratu has $355, how many children can I take to the circus?”
If you think you know the answer, write your full answer in the comment box!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Room 4's Money Learning

Room 4 have been learning all about money!

In Room 4, we have been focusing on identifying what money looks like and how we can order it from smallest to biggest. 
Have a look at our learning so far J

“I know that 10 cents is smaller than $10.”
-     Neriah

“I know that with money you have cents and dollars.”
-     Izrayl

“We made our own piggy banks and counted how much we had saved.”
                                       -     Angel

Money in Room 9

Money in Room 9

The students in Room 9 are very excited to be learning about money.
The very first question we discussed was:
“What do we use money for?”

Our answers were very different.

Next we looked at the coins we use in New Zealand.

We noticed they all had different pictures on them.
We each chose a coin and made a crayon rubbing of that coin.
After cutting it out, we pasted our coin rubbing in the correct column.

We achieved this easily!

Next week we are going to sketch the designs on our coins and compare their sizes, and in art we are going to begin a money collage.