Sunday, August 20, 2017

Kia Orana from Room 2!

Room 2 has had an awesome start to Term 3!

This term, we celebrated Cook Island Language Week. We started each day off with Cook Island greetings. Throughout the week, we read Cook Island myths and legends, enjoying a story about a great drum challenge and another about a kind, helpful shark. We learnt about Tivaevae and found out about how it is made. We even saw a real Tivaevae up close! We finished off the week by learning the basics of Cook Island dancing. It was a blast!

“I saw zigzags on the tivaevae. It looked like a big snowflake.”

By Eliyah

“Cook Islanders make tivaevae. Mums, nana’s, aunties, sisters, and daughters make it. It is the best thing I’ve seen in my life.”
By John

“You can use tivaevae for your wall or your bed. It has all kinds of different patterns on it. The tivaevae is something given with love.”
By Anthony

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