Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Room 3 scientists at work.

We are learning all about science and have enjoyed observing chemical reactions. For our WOW factor we watched what happened when we mixed a carbonate and acid together.
We have written some stories to tell you what we could see, hear, feel and smell.

Samiuela pouring in vinegar.

Room Three did a science experiment.
We used red food colouring, baking soda, vinegar and dish wash liquid.
We made it explode out of the bottle.
By Zaidore

Room 3 made a volcano.
The volcano exploded.
Nikau said, “It is like a fizzy drink”.
The lava was red.
Mrs Rihari put a lot of vinegar in the container and the lava came up really fast.
I think science is fun!
By Ezekiel

Room 3 made a bubbling volcano.
We used vinegar, red food colouring, a bottle of dish washing liquid, a large dish and a spoon.
It went foamy, fizzy and bubbly.
We felt it. It felt smooth and soft.
It was nice and cool too.
By Gafatasi

Watch our volcano explode:


  1. What clever scientists you are! I like how you are making observations and using your senses to help you make close observations. Tino pai Room 3!

  2. What amazing scientist you are Room 3! We really enjoyed the pictures showing each step that you observed and the words in your writing described what can be seen. Super scientist Room 19 & Mrs Greig