Sunday, November 8, 2015

Room 2 Art inspiration!

In room 2 we have been inspired by the tapa cloth designs of the famous artist Fatu Feu’u. We decided to choose some of our favourite Ngatu and Siapo tapa cloth symbols and create our own class tapa cloth.
Here are some of our Tapa cloth finished products and our thoughts about the meaning of the symbols we chose...

I drew the Fata ‘o Tu'i Tonga and Fa’a ‘ali ‘ao. Fata ‘o Tu'i Tonga is like the tight, hard rope that holds the fale together.
Kalia-Mata, year 2.

I drew the Hala Paini and the Fa’a atualoa. The Hala Paini trees are special to Tonga.
Ivalani, year 2.

My Artwork.
I have drawn the Manulua and the Leva berries. The manulua is the wings of a bird and the Leva berries are only found in Samoa.
David, year 2.

On my artwork I have leva berries, the berries are red.
Alex, year 2.

The Fa'atuli is a special bird in Samoa and you can see the 

wings flying.  

Kataana, year 2.

We hope we have inspired you whanau!!

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  1. WOW!!!!! You are amazing artists room 2. We really like your art work.
    Much aroha from Mrs Tu'ikolovatu and Room 1.