Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Talofa lava from Room 7

So many learning opportunities have happened in Room 7.
We learnt about and created:
Faatufugaga (Art) - Creating a Siapo
Siva (Dance) - Sasa
Pese (Song) - Lota nu’u

The Samoan language is beautiful and we have
been practicing simple phrases like:
Hello, how are you?
I’m fine thanks
Where is your lunch?

We have our own Samoan leaders in our class. They have taught us so much about the Samoan culture which we have really embraced and will be happy to use everyday.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Designers Happy Birthday treat!

In Room 1 we designed a 50th Jubilee t-shirt reflecting how we see Yendarra today.
We feel so lucky to be here. The way we see our school is very different from when other children saw this school when it first opened 50 long years ago.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Hockey Sticks with Room 4

This term, we are lucky to have Coach
Rochelle teach us exciting hockey skills.
So far, we have learnt how to hold a hockey
stick correctly. We have also learnt how to
control the ball and know that we have to
move our body to block the ball from
going the wrong way. It was a bit tricky at
the beginning, but we kept on practising.
We really enjoy learning hockey skills,
and we can’t wait until Coach Rochelle
visits us again.

“I felt so excited! I felt an adrenaline rush!
I’ve never played hockey before but I
think it is the best game ever.”
- Tyciust

“Sometimes I forget that I shouldn’t touch
the ball with the curvy side of the stick.
I’m going to keep on practicing so I
can hit the ball properly next time.”

- Opetah

Grass Men in Room 9

In Room 9 we have been finding out about seeds and plants. We each made a Grass Man by filling an old sock with some grass seed and soil. 

We chose eyes, a nose and a mouth for our Grass Man. Then an adult helped us glue them on.
Grass Men need water and light to grow. We put them on a table by the window where the sun always came in. We had to water them at the water fountain if they felt dry.
After a few days, this is what they looked like:

We waited a few more days. One Monday when we came to school, we got a big surprise! Our Grass Men had really long hair!

Time to give the Grass Men a haircut!

We think they look great!!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Kia orana from Room 4!

Room 4 has had an awesome start to the year! So far this term, we have enjoyed having Coach Pat teach us amazing sports skills. We always look forward to Thursdays because Coach Pat makes sports fun for everyone in our class.
“I like it when we take big steps and catch the ball. It is so fun!” - Imelda

“I like that Coach Pat teaches us how to play sports, like how to pass and catch the ball properly.” - Honi

“I like going to Coach Pat because he always encourages us to try our best.” - Gideon

We can’t wait to see what we learn next from Coach Pat. We’ll be professional sports stars in no time!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Healthy Kai in Room 1

Room 1 have started 2018 on a healthy note.
Our question has been: 
'What are some healthy choices that can go in our sandwiches?'

We remembered from last year that Harold the Giraffe taught us about foods that we should have a little bit of, foods we should have some of and foods we should have lots of.

Instead of having Nutella in our sandwiches we thought of some healthier choices.