Thursday, December 3, 2015

Room 5's Creepy Crawly Visitor!

We have had a creepy crawly visitor in Room 5 this week....

A daddy long legs spider!

We loved watching him move and did some writing about his time in our class room. 

"I saw the spider creeping on to the big smart board. The spider went down the table with his 8 legs."
- Sylvia

"The spider was awesome. He walked on the smart board."

"I saw the little spider climbing. He is Room 5's friend."
- Teaharnie
"I saw the spider climb over the table. I would like to be his friend and play hide and seek. It will be fun."

"We saw the spider under the table. He made a web and was climbing it."

"The grey spider is cool, I liked when he climbed on the sticker charts."

We loved our spider visitor!

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