Sunday, November 15, 2015

Spring is in Room 4!

Room 4 is incredibly thrilled that

‘Spring-time has arrived’.

We’ve loved seeing the happy-faced daffodils
sway and dance in the garden
so we’ve written about them. 

The daffodils are beautiful and light yellow too.

The daffodils open their faces to shine up to the sky before they droop down to the ground. I like daffodils because they are lemon coloured and they can dance. Daffodils can wave their petals.


The daffodil is dancing in the garden. 
The daffodil dances in the wind.
I like the daffodil. It is beautiful.
It is golden.

I like the daffodil because it waves 
its buttercup-yellow petals. 
I like the daffodil because it 
dances under the shady trees.

Daffodils grow above the ground 

when it is springtime. 
They become awake when it is 
a little bit sunny. The daffodils are 
happy when it is springtime 
because they get to bend and 
they can dance in the wind. 
Daffodils are pretty when 
they show their light, yellow petals. 
Their trumpets look long and have a curly collar. 
Daffodils show off their smiley faces.

Daffodils are pretty flowers. 
Daffodils can open in spring 
and they can grow big and tall. 
Daffodils have a bowl-shaped trumpet.

I like the daffodil because I 

like to see it growing from the ground. 
The yellow daffodil has buttery-yellow 
petals and it dances under the trees.

The daffodil comes out in the spring 
and opens up to bring out its smiles. 
My favourite daffodil is golden. 
It dances under cool, shady trees. 
I can see a cool trumpet on the 
inside of the daffodil. 
The trumpet has a wavy, golden collar. 
The bees fly by the daffodil to 
collect pollen to make honey.

The daffodil grows up and shows 

its beautiful face. 
It is a flower dancing under the tree. 
It grows in springtime. 
My favourite flower is a daffodil 
because it can dance 
when it opens its petals under the trees. 
Bees come and collect the 
pollen when a daffodil 
shows its beautiful face and dances.

We hope that you enjoy reading our writing.

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  1. Ka rawe Room 4! I really enjoyed reading your beautiful writing on the All Black's win and your Spring writing on daffodils.