Sunday, June 19, 2016

Perfect Attendance in Room 5!

Perfect Attendance!

In Room 5 we have been Attendance Warriors!
 We have won the Trophy 3 weeks in a row 
for Term 2.
 We have written some letters for you about what we have done to make sure we have been at school everyday! 

Dear Yendarra,

We have won the Best Attendance Trophy for 3 weeks in a row by coming to school everyday. We wear the correct uniform to school everyday especially our black leather shoes to keep our feet warm and dry! When our feet are dry, we stay healthy and we don't get sick. We don't stay at home and we come with our jumper to make us warm and to help us be here everyday. We come to school to be the best we can be and to learn. The best thing to do is, you must eat healthy food like brown bread, fruit and drink water everyday to stop you getting sick!

From Ivalani.

Dear Yendarra,

We won the Trophy because we come everyday to school! You have to be at school on Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. School is good for you. You have to be here at 8:45 because that is when the bell rings!

From Amelia.

Dear Yendarra,

We have won The Best Attendance Trophy for 3 weeks by coming to school everyday. We wear the right uniform and wear covered shoes. We like school! That is why we are here everyday. We come to school on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

From Talia.

Dear Yendarra,

We have been the Attendance Warriors! We had the Trophy for three weeks. Everyday we come to school and that goes into the attendance booklets! 

From Xialo.


  1. Well done Room 5 on winning the Attendance trophy! I loved reading your letters on what helps you to be at school everyday. This has certainly encouraged your fellow peers down in Ruma waru. Keep up the great work you are doing Miss Horn and Room 5.

  2. CONGRATULATIONS room 5 and Miss Horne for achieving excellent attendance. What a joy to see all of you at school every day you and your whanau are amazing because you understand the importance of coming to school every day to support your learning. Keep it up from Mrs Greig