Sunday, June 19, 2016

Matariki in Room 2

In Room 2 we have been so excited to learn all about
Matariki - Māori New Year

“Matariki is when the seven stars are up in the sky.
 It means Māori  new year” 
- Deijahnaye

This week we have made goals to celebrate Matariki.
First we wrote down 2 goals that we want to achieve by the end of the year.

Brieze’s goals are 
“I want to get better at sitting up on the mat”

Hererahi’s goals are 
“I want to be good at helping people”

Wayne’s goals are
 “I want to be good at rugby and soccer”

Then we wrote them onto feathers  and decorated the feathers with Māori patterns and vibrant colours.
After all our feathers were finished we put them onto cardboard and decorated with feathers to make our Korowai cloak.

We love our korowai cloak!


  1. I love your korowai cloak Room 2, it looks amazing! Well done on writing your goals, I know you will achieve them and this has encouraged Room 8 to write their own goals too.

  2. Tino Pai Room 2. Room 4 at Beach Haven School have been doing lots of learning about Matariki also. I love how you have created goals for yourself. I hope you are achieving them! Lots of love, Miss Cornhill.