Sunday, September 6, 2015

Money Week in Room 2

Week 7 was very busy. We had Daffodil Day, had a mufti day to support and show aroha to the Ami family and celebrated Money Week.

Here we are recognizing the different coins we use.  
We learnt that 10, 10cents makes $1.
2, 10cent pieces are the same as 1, 20 cent piece.

We are loving exploring money and using our knowledge of skip counting to help us. 
Whanau, you can help us at home too if you have any coins, have the children add the money together.

We have a question for you whanau.

"If you had $100, what would you do with it?"

In Room 2, some children said they would save it, buy some healthy food or share it.


  1. Room 2 you are so clever. What a great idea to spend $100.

  2. Wow Room 2 , I like your ideas about how you would spend or save your money. you are very clever for knowing the 10 ten cent coins make one dollar. Great counting with money. love Ms Mahoney