Sunday, September 6, 2015

Do You Come To School Every Day?

We believe coming to school each day is important for many reasons.
Last term we celebrated those children who have not had any days away with a sports extravaganza hosted by Counties Manukau Sport. It was amazing to see so many children who come to school every day, including 5 year olds who have only just started this year!
Room 19 have come up with some reasons why coming to school each day is so important.

What do you think of our reasons?
  • to learn
  • to get a good education
  • because school is COOL!
  • So you don't miss out on privileges like music academy, sport and digital learning
  • to make Mum and Dad proud
  • to win the best attendance trophy
  • because my friends and teachers are trying to come to school every day too
  • so that when I get a job I will 'Be the BEST I can' and turn up to work each day

Coming to school is fun and we don't want to miss out on;
  • sport's training
  • learning on the chrome books and ipads
  • music academy when we learn the ukulele and guitar
  • learning Tongan, Samoan, Kapa haka and Cook Island dance to prepare for fiafia 
  • catching up with my friends
Coming to school is so much fun when you are all here with us. This term we will celebrate those children who have not had any days away… will that be you?
Whanau, what can you do to help your children come to school every day?

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