Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Room 9 Gardeners


In Room 9, we have been looking at planting our   vegetable garden. Our inspiration came from our amazing new garden over by the Wharekai. We have been using the New World little garden seeds to help us learn all about growing plants.

First we went over to our vegetable garden to see what yummy and delicious healthy kai has been planted.

This is our progress so far :)
Week 1

The plants have just begun to grow.

Week 2

Our butternut is growing the fastest. We learnt about the importance of watering our plants and what too much water can do. Our plants love the sun and they go out everyday to help them grow.

We did some amazing sentence writing to help us remember what we are doing.

I am planting vegetables.
  • Matthias

I looked at the plants.
I planted the seeds.
  • Debra

We planted the sunflower
and it is growing.
  • PJ
We know that a plant needs sun and water to help make it grow. We loved planting our vegetables and flowers.

What flowers and vegetables do you love to plant?

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