Friday, May 26, 2017

Science in a Van with Room 3.

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Science in a Van.

My favourite part about the science show was the big bubbles.
From: Kaya and Aroha.

My favourite part was when Alan got the trumpet to blow the bubbles.
From: Sokopeti.

My favourite part was when we blew the bubbles to the ceiling.

From: Calais, Dimitri, Brian, Lazariuz, Emanuel, Meilani and Sione.

 My favourite part was seeing a cloud in the bottle.
From: Rose.

My favourite part was seeing the food colouring mixed with the water.
From: Jayla.

My favourite part was the student holding a bubble.
From: Jhoanne and Malachi.

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  1. Meitaki ma'ata Room 3 and Miss Roger's for sharing learning from our science assembly. So much learning and excitment.