Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Money, Money, Money!

In Room 1 we have been learning a lot about place value and we have used money to show us how it all works.

Did you know that there are 10, 10s in 100?
How would I put that question as a multiplication?
Did you guess 10 x 10 = 100? Then tino pai, you are correct!

How much money do you think is in the picture below?
You might have to skip count in 10s.
How many hundred dollar notes do you see?
How many ten dollar notes do you see?

How many one dollar coins?

Did you know that there are 10 ones in 10?
Can you count how much money is this next picture?
How many hundreds are in this photo?
How many 10 dollar notes?
How many one dollar coins?

Here is one final question for you to think about…
“Miss Ratu wants to take some children to the circus. Tickets to the circus cost $10 per child. Miss Ratu has $355, how many children can I take to the circus?”
If you think you know the answer, write your full answer in the comment box!

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  1. Room 8 thinks your work is nice, perfect, cool,pretty,and beautiful. Well done Room 1.
    Love from Room 8 and Mrs Tu'ikolovatu and Miss Tuli.