Sunday, April 10, 2016

Animal Learning in Room 3!

Here in Room 3 we have been so excited to learn all about the Animal Kingdom!

This week we have learnt about 
Mammals and Reptiles. 

"A mammal has warm blood and a reptile has cold blood." - Moses

"A lizard is a reptile" - Honi

"A giraffe is a mammal because it has warm blood" - Diamond

We then sorted our animals into the right categories.
 We are super animal sorters!


  1. Wow Room 3! You know so much about mammals and reptiles. I am very impressed! Lots of love, Miss Cornhill and Room 4 at Beach Haven School x

  2. I am super impressed you can sort animals into their groups, that is so clever Room 3! Love from Miss Ratu and Room 1 :-)

  3. Room 3, you are super stars! We are impressed by your learning about mammals and reptiles. God bless from Mrs Tu'ikolovatu and Room 8.