Saturday, January 16, 2016

Best Attendance 2015


Congratulations to 63 members of our whanau for achieving excellent attendance. You are truly amazing and deserve to be congratulated for coming to school every day to make the most of your learning opportunities and privileges.

At Yendarra school we love to see our children’s bright and cheerful faces and they truly make our school a ‘home away from home’ and paradise even when it is cloudy.

Our school class goal is to have 90% of our children attending school every day and we aim for only having up to 4 days away in the year.  We look forward to seeing more children achieve excellent attendance in 2016.

To celebrate our winners we travelled to Mangere Leisure Centre to enjoy sporting activities in the recreation centre, swimming activities in the outdoor pool and returned to receive a cold and delicious treat from Mrs Dunlop and Mrs Takatainga ‘lickety lick’.

Thank you staff at Mangere Leisure Centre, especially Munokoa Leotoga for organising a team of stars that took great care of us on the day.

Well done Mrs Childs and Room 13 for having the most children achieve excellent attendance for 2015. You are legend and the goal is for all classes to aim for the most children achieving excellent attendance in 2016


  1. Congratulations children for coming to school every day! You have made the most of your opportunities and are rewarded with water fun... good for you!

  2. This looks like an amazing day. Wow 63 children have perfect attendance. I wonder how many children will achieve perfect attendance in 2016