Monday, October 26, 2015

Science fun in Room 5

This week in Room 5 we have become scientists and have started some exciting experiments!

One of our favourite experiments has been seeing what happens to an eggshell left in Coke, V, and water for 2 days.
We were very surprised by what we saw! Here are some of our observations:

"The egg in V looks like it has sugar on it!" - Trinity

"It looks like sugar and ice." - Aisake

"The coke egg turned brown. The water egg is shiny. The eggs are cracked" - John

"The coke egg looks dirty inside, the V one looks salty and the water egg looks the same" - Omera

We looked at how much sugar is in these drinks and asked a big question-
If this happens to the eggshells, then what would happen to our teeth?

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  1. You are very clever scientists! I can't believe what those egg shells looked like after sitting in those sugary drinks. This just shows us how bad those drinks must be for our teeth. Ka Rawe Room 5!