Wednesday, June 17, 2015

To Celebrate Matariki - Room 4 have been reading Maori Myths and Legends.  Please share some of our akonga writing.

Tane is the god of the sky.  Tane has a moko.  Tane made a basket out of flax.  Tane’s stars are bright and beautiful.  Tane is a superhero because he can save the sky.  Tane created some stars because the sky was dark.  I love Tane because he can fly with the stars.
Tominika.  Age 6.

Tane has superpowers and he is a maori superhero.  Tane has muscles and is god of the sky.  He made the stars with his sharp knife and good metal.
Cornelius.  Age 6

Tane has muscles and is a maori god of the sky.  Tane is strong and uses a knife to make the stars for the people.  Tane is a superhero because he can fly in the sky.  Tane’s people were happy when he made them the stars.  Tane made a flax basket to carry the stars up into the sky.
Hosea.  Age 6

Tane made stars with his special knife.  Tane is god of the sky and he made a flax basket to take the stars into the sky.  Tane used his superpowers to fly all the way to the sky.  I would like it if I could do that!
Deijahnaye.  Age 6.


  1. Wow Room 4! I Ioved reading your writing, you are amazing authors.
    Mrs Walter & Room 20

  2. Thank you Mrs Walter. Room 4 are Amazing Young Authors.
    Mrs Johnston
    Room 4